Livestock Production General Catalog Download(PDF)
Notice: Outlook or specification of the products is subject to change without prior notice.

Split version

1.Artifical insemination equipment and instruments 13.Syringes and injection needles

2.AI Instruments for pig sheep goat 14.Measuring and identification instruments

3.LN2 tanks for storage and shipping 15.Eartags

4.ET instruments 16.Sterilizing equipment and instruments

5.Reproductive disorder treatment instruments 17.Disinfection instruments

6.Surgical and dissecting instruments 18.Diagnostic equipment and instruments

7.Dental instruments 19.Milk and meat inspection instruments

8.Castrating instruments 20.Food analytical equipment

9.Treatment examination equipment 21.Grooming dehorning and animal management

10.Obstetrical instruments 22.Restrainers instruments

11.Teat treatment instruments 23.Egg quality testing instruments

12.Dosing and irrigation instruments 24.Environment testing instruments

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