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NEW! Field Soil Doctor Sulfur checker
for paddy field
Field type soil testing instruments, renewed from Dr.Soil.
Increased testing elements: CEC, Humus and P-abc Hydroponics culture solution is newly covered, too!
This product was developped to
simply check hydrogen sulfide.

  CEC-10 ver.2    
Non destructive fruit
sugar meter N-1
Soil Plant General Analyzer
Soil crusher and sieve
Germination Test Sheet for compost maturity test Tanepita! Water-soluble TANEPITA!
Equipment for direct reading of soil nutrient concentration. This machine releases you from laborsome dried soil crushing! Ideal tool for your work efficiency !
Seeds are placed in position in a few seconds
For young plant culture test

Equipment for soil, plant, compost analysis
  ドクターコンポ     CEC-10 ver.2 かぐやひめ
Plant sample crusher
Wonder Blender WB-1
Compost Maturity Test Kit
Boron Extraction Unit
Compost maturity tester
Miniature size composting experimental equipment
Kaguyahime – Bamboo princess
Widely used in Japan for pre-treatment of plant analysis Simple and safety test kit for compost maturity. Everything necessary is in the box. Stage of maturity is numerically judged from oxygen consumption Recommended to produce various conditions for composting

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