Fujihira Industry Co.,Ltd. constantly develops more useful veterinary instruments,livestock equipment,and agricultural tools and machinery using the latest information and technology based on 80 years of experience and trust.

June 1944
Foundation of the company Head office was located at Morigawa-cho, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo.
We commenced to manufacture and distribute general medical, veterinary and livestock production instruments and equipment.
August 1948
Established Fujimidai factory.
October 1948
Registered in the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries as a manufacturer of equipment for veterinary use. We supplied products immediately to recover the war-devastated domestic livestock industry. Registered in the Ministry of Health and Welfare as a manufacturer for veterinary and livestock production instruments.
April 1953
Established a chemical laboratory, and developed and commenced sales of various chemical and physical testing instruments for agriculture and fishery.
May 1961
Commenced to manufacture foodstuff and environmental health testing equipment under the guidance of various organizations associated with the Ministry of Health and Welfare.
July 1964
Acquired the approval from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries to import equipment for veterinary medical use. Established overseas section to start export and import operation.
April 1972
Newly completed the building of main office at Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo.
November 1972
Aawarded the Medal of Honor with Blue Ribbon to President Masao Tsubo (at that time) from the Japanese government for the great contribution to the livestock industry.
June 1977
Increased capital to 100,000,000 yen.
May 1978
Expanded business activities in Hokkaido (in northern Japan where agriculture is the main industry) by establishing an office in Sapporo.
March 1979
Established a research institute in Tsukuba Science City.
November 1981
Awarded Fifth Class Order of the Sacred Treasure Chairman of the board (Masao Tsuboi) from the Japanese government.
April 1986
Established Hokkaido FUJIHIRA INDUSTRY CO., LTD.
October 1989
Awarded 『Prince Henrik's Medal』 from the Kingdom of Denmark for the contribution to promote exports.
June 1990
November 1990
Established FUJIHIRA SAVICS CO., LTD.(specialized in equipment for small animals and pets)
September 2000
Established a company in China, Shenyang Fujihira Industry Co., Ltd.(Current Shenyang Fujihira Biotechnology Co., Ltd.)
November 2000
Recognized honor of President, Masaki Tsuboi, from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, with the generous contribution to research and development of equipment for artificial insemination and embryo transfer.
November 2004
Merged "FUJIHIRA SAVICS CO., LTD." for efficiency of sales.
September 2007
Moved the factory from Fujimidai, Nerimaku to Sayamashi, Saitama.
June 2023
80th Anniversary of the foudation.




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