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Sperm Motility and Morphology Analysis System "SMAS"

SMAS is the analysis system for human and animal sperm's motility and concentration. Using SMAS will give you a great advantage in reducing measuring error's on semen examination.

 with a high-resolution digital camera, the resolution is increased about four times compared to conventional products.

 up to 5000 motile sperm (semen about 400,000,000/ml conc)
 result data and traced image will be saved automatically after analyzing.
 original sperm image and tracking image can be saved also.
 the analysis can result can be displayed in classification of WHO measurement standard (1999/2010) ABCD.
 traces are color-coded according to sperm velocity to facilitate visualization.
 progressive sperm analyzable.

2548 X 2048 @ 60fps  1980 X1080 @ 150fps 1024X1024 @ 300fps

Count, Concentration, Motility, Motility concentration, VSL, VCL, VAP, LIN, STR, ALH, BCF, Morphology(optional)

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