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1.Artificial insemination instruments P.007-P.032 2,477KB 13.Syringes and injection needles P.147-P.155 641KB
2.A.I Instruments for pig/sheep/goat P.033-P.041 853KB 14.Measuring and identification instruments P.157-P.163 812KB
3.LN2 Refrigerators for storage and shipping P.043-P.050 750KB 15.Eartags and livestock identification P.165-P.170 546KB
4.ET/Embryonic cell fusion instruments P.051-P.074 2,525KB 16.Sterilizing instruments P.171-P.181 1,027KB
5.Reproductive disorder treatment instruments P.075-P.080 425KB 17.Disinfection and pestcontrol instruments P.183-P.186 402KB
6.Surgical and dissecting instruments P.081-P.110 8,484KB 18.Diagnostic instruments P.187-P.207 1,732KB
7.Dental instruments P.111-P.112 125KB 19.Milk and meat inspection instruments P.209-P.229 1,995KB
8.Castrators instruments P.113-P.115 189KB 20.Food analytical inspection instruments P.231-P.241 948KB
9.Treatment/examination equipment P.117-P.124 844KB 21.Grooming and dehoring and Maintenance instruments P.243-P.254 1,077KB
10.Obstetrical instruments P.125-P.132 680KB 22.Restrainers instruments P.255-P.261 770KB
11.Teat operating instruments P.133-P.139 476KB 23.Egg Quality examination instruments P.263-P.266 277KB
12.Dosing and irrigation instruments P.141-P.146 470KB 24.Environment instruments P.267-P.269 270KB

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